News / Interview Elon Musk (CEO Tesla): “Artificial intelligence is an existence risk”


These were some interesting statements by Tesla and Space X CEO “Elon Musk” about the IA responding to questions from the Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, during the National Governors Association Summer Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, USA in July. 2017

“It is a risk to the existence of our civilization” (Elon Musk comments about the AI.).

“Until people see robots kill people on the street, the dangers of artificial intelligence will not be understood.”

“unlike food in poor condition” “Would we let anyone make planes without any control?”

“I’m often against strict regulations, but we need artificial intelligence.”

“[The machines] could start a war by publishing false news, stealing email accounts and sending false press releases, just by manipulating information,” Musk said. “The pen is more powerful than the sword.”

“We will live important changes because the robots will do our job much better than us,” said the South African. “All of us”.

“In 20 years it’s not that there will not be people at the wheel, it’s that there will be no flyer directly,” said Musk convinced. “There may be someone with a traditional car, but it will be like using a horse today as a method of transportation.” Possible, but uncommon.

“It seems we need a huge amount of energy, but it’s very small if we compare it with the one the sun gives us,” Musk said. “To feed the entire US we need 100 square miles of solar panels and a square mile of batteries, not so much a small square on the map.”

Source text: Reuters, El Pais
Source video: portalcienciayficcion


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