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Inditex / bets on automated order delivery and autopayment


Inditex is becoming more and more leader in online sales, it is noteworthy the strong omnichannel that has between the virtual network and its physical stores.

The reality is that the group is very good at attracting customers to their stores not only to collect their orders but also for possible second purchases already within the establishment.

It is not interesting to have the annoying dizzy customer making queues, which are often almost endless on weekends.

Inditex has installed its first automated test point system in the Zara store of the Marineda shopping center in A Coruña.

The delivery method can be done at any time, without having to wait in cash.

The collection can be done by bringing the QR code of the purchase to the optical reader or by entering the pin code that the customer has received when making the purchase over the Internet.

In approximately 15 seconds the system delivers the order through a mailbox.

Within the space for automated delivery, “which is able to manage 700 packages simultaneously”, we find the dynamic robot that moves in a route of 8 meters long by four meters high and 2.5 meters deep.

In the self-payment stands, the client is also in charge of desalinating the garments, something that the system will only allow him to do once he has detected that he has paid for each item.

The initiative for now does not allow processing returns.

Pablo Isla, President of Inditex, highlights the good reception given by the delivery service and automatic payment by users and comments that in the future the idea is to develop this method of collection and self-payment in stores that handle large online orders.

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