Huawei / Kirin 970, processor with built-in artificial intelligence


The Kirin 970 processor can be seen installed in the new Huawei Mate 10 to be presented on October 17 in Munich.

Huawei announced at the IFA Berlin fair in early September for its CEO, Richard Yu, the launch of the first built-in artificial intelligence processor, NPU (Neural Network Processor Unit).

The AI ​​that we use today in our phones is in the cloud (internet): image recognition, translation, actions by voice through virtual assistants …

By combining the potential of the cloud with the immediacy of native processing response for Artificial Intelligence, Huawei manages to make AI experiences a reality and revolutionize our ways of interacting with our devices.

The artificial intelligence that this processor incorporates promises a new generation of really smart phones.

“By putting our commitment in the development of devices with our own intelligence, and making it possible by developing capabilities that enable the coordinated design of chips, devices and services in the cloud. Our ultimate goal is to offer a significantly new user experience for the future of smartphones, we see that we are at the origin of a new and exciting era, “said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group.

“Mobile Artificial Intelligence is the sum of AI in the device itself and AI in the cloud. In Huawei we maintain this is superior. Kirin 970 is the first in a new series of advances that will result in powerful AI functions for our devices, and that will position us against our competitors, “says Richard Yu.

Huawei does not use Qualcom, Intel or AMD processors. It develops its own processors, making innovation in this field, just like Apple does.

The goal of the Kirin 970 is to “deliver the intelligence experience on the device,” Yu said.


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The new chip of Huawei, Kirin 970, is manufactured with an advanced process in lithography of 10 nm, condenses 5.5 million transistors in just one surface of 1 cm². The chipset is powered by an 8-core CPU and a new generation 12-core GPU. It consists of dual ISP and 4.5G LTE of 1.2 gigabytes per second.

Compared to a chipset with a Cortex-A73 quad-core CPU, Kirin 970 offers 25 times more performance, with 50 times more efficiency.

Kirin 970 can perform the same IA tasks in less time and consuming less energy.

In a performance test application for image recognition tasks, Kirin 970 was able to process 2,000 images per minute, thus being faster than other chips on the market.

With an integrated NPU, Huawei addresses all these problems, also making the processor faster, consume less, heat less and be more secure.
Huawei says the Kirin 970 is capable of working five times faster than the processor of the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple’s latest model.

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