FLECTR 360 – the bike reflector with 360° visibility


A reflector bike with 360 degree visibility. The first line of defense for your night ride.

From wherever car headlights are approaching, FLECTR 360 grabs the driver´s attention. All around, without exception. A big plus for your safety and a clean design – FLECTR 360 wraps razor-thin around the rim.

FLECTR 360 wheel reflector on DT 521 rim
As tire and rim designs get larger and disc brakes become the new standard we created an unparalled wheel reflector design: FLECTR 360. Sticked onto the arched surface of the rim it becomes part of your bike and reflects a strong beam of light in ANY direction.

The arched profiles of modern bike rims offer a perfect base for an adhesive wide-angle reflector as there are multiple plains for reflection. The two-piece FLECTR 360 wraps around the rim from both sides and overlaps the rim vertex. The advantage: gap-free reflection from all sides.

360 degree visibility: Multi-drection reflectivity increases your safety.  High-grade microprismatic technology: Thousands of metalized cube-corner prisms ensure highest possible reflection.  Non-static light patterns: Rotating, pulsing and moving light grabs extra attention.  Contemporary design with high style factor: No bells and whistles, no additional parts.  No air drag, no weight & no dynamic imbalance of the wheel: Unlike standard wheel reflectors, FLECTR 360 leaves your wheel´s performance unaffected.  High-class custom material: Unique 3D formable film without wrinkling or lifting-off. Reliable bond & dirt-repellend surface.

Type FLECTR 360 standard plastic reflectors reflective spoke clips * reflective sidewall tires **
technology metalized cube-corner prims cube-corner prims glass beads glass beads

Technically FLECTR 360 is one of a kind. Its two-piece design provides easy installation and great flexibility regarding different rim depths. It fits any wheel diameter above 24″ and maximum of 32 spokes. For a flawless connection to the rim (technically spoken “convex-concav over two directions”) without wrinkling or lifting-off, we have chosen a highly conformable reflective film and applied a custom adhesive, that bonds properly to every rim material and shape – whether round, square or v-shapes. No standard reflective material of this grade combines the necessary technical properties needed for FLECTR 360.

FLECTR 360 fits following rim sizes

SIZE 01 18–22 mm / 0.70–0.87 inch 28–32 mm / 1.10–1.25 inch
SIZE 02 23–26 mm / 0.90–1.02 inch 33–36 mm / 1.29–1.42 inch
SIZE 03 27–35 mm / 1.06–1.37 inch 37–45 mm / 1.45–1.77 inch

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