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Fanuc / Collaborative Robot CR-35iA


CR-35i is a collaborative robot of the multinational company leader in industrial robot Fanuc.

CR-35iA is 3.5 times stronger than the previous UR10 model, increasing the payload and range of a collaborative robot. It is the collaborative robot that supports more cargo in the world.

With the same security requirements that apply to other collaborative robots, the CR-35iA can do much more.
Presents a pedestal, so it is designed to be fixed to the ground. Limited by its weight, the objective is to be installed in a certain location to perform a single function or limited functions.

The fixation of the robot limits the flexibility of the robot. Yes, you can still reprogram the robot using manually guided programming to change it from one path to another. But its transfer is complicated. With the UR 10 model being much less heavy if it was much easier.

CR-35iA has good repeatability and a long range. The robot seems to be aimed at integration with automotive assembly lines, machine laying applications, metal and packaging.


 Resultado de imagen de cr 35 ia robot colaborativo

Characteristics of the robot.
⦁ Payload: 35 kg
⦁ Scope: 1,813 mm
⦁ Repeatability: +/- 0.08 mm
⦁ Rotation of the wrist: 900 degrees.

The robot can be guided by hand. It has a flexible soft rubber skin that reduces the force of an impact with a human being. And in turn it has an additional cover to cover pinch points and reduce the presence of sharp edges.

⦁ Hand Guides
⦁ Soft rubber skin
⦁ Easy to install with software and Fanuc sensors

Working together with CR-35i is faster, it is more protected and it is more effective.

Does not need fencing
It stops gently at human contact. The softness of the rubber skin guarantees a subtle contact, without impacts or pinching. The security certification TUV ISO 10218-1: 2011, category 3, PL = d this is endorsed.

With the robot, productivity is improved, welfare and safety are promoted among the staff and the company is more competitive.

CR-35iA is easy to use. No special programming or complicated languages ​​are needed. Standard FANUC solutions can be used.

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Source video and image: FANUC Europe


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