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News / Two Facebook robots, could have created a language incomprehensible


During some tests, Facebook had to disconnect two robots that had begun to communicate with each other in a language that was not understandable to the human being.

Facebook is currently immersed in a project to develop a negotiation software.

He made a test at the beginning of August where two intelligent robots communicated with each other, carrying out a negotiation process.

In the test it was possible to see, as these robots amazed their creators and the public that attended the event, they created their own language and only understood between them.

The conversation that the bots of Facebook, Bob and Alice had, was:

Bob: I can I I everything else
Bob: “Can I do everything else”
Alice: balls have zero to me to to me to to me to to me to to me
Alice: “Balls have zero for me for me for me for me for me for me for me for me for”
Bob: you i everything else
Bob: “you me everything else”
Alice: balls have a ball to me to to me me to to me to to me
Alice: “Balls have a ball for me for me for me for me for me for me for me for me”

The dialogue was not coherent at all. The scientists who were responsible for the project, identified certain patterns in the conversation that were repeated so they came to the conclusion that they were negotiating in a language that they only knew.

For this reason, Facebook turned off the robots since the objective of the experiment was to create bots that dialogue with human beings and not in a language only understandable to them.

Edgar Andrade, a mathematician expert in artificial intelligence at the Universidad del Rosario, said watching the conversation of the robots, that the bots developed a way of speaking that allowed them to solve the specific task they had in the most efficient way. So the test was successful because they fulfilled the assignment assigned to them.

Edagar Andrade commented that the algorithms of the bots were not designed to speak the language correctly.

For its part, Tatiana Ramírez, a specialist in digital marketing said that the dialogue was surely a “glitch” of the system.
For example, when a mobile phone fails or hangs.

Source text, video: News Bite Global

Source image: Pixabay

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