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Cue Robot, a robot for children with 4 avatars


The Wonder Workshop robots are educational robots that are designed for children to understand computer science and grow ready for the new jobs that are coming in the digital age.

The Cue robot is designed for 11 years of age children.

The company has been working on the robot for years and has designed natural language processing in this.

Cue is compatible with iOS, Android and Kindle applications.


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“We look at the right experiences to build for children of all ages so they can be the architects of tomorrow’s technology and robots,” says Wonder Workshop CEO Vikas Gupta in an interview with VentureBeat. “That is the mission on which we founded the company.”

Vikas Gupta said that one million jobs in the technology sector in the United States will be vacant in 2020 because we are not training enough people to work with them.
If you send text message commands from your smartphone, through Bluetooth connectivity to the bot. The robot can send text messages back to you. Not only can you communicate with Cue speech.

You can also program the robot from the application of your phone by programming based on blocks or more sophisticated code.

The Cue chat library includes 30,000 responses with a vocabulary of 170,000 words.

Gupta sent a text message to the robot, saying: “Tell me about your face lights.” The robot responded through the text: “My face is composed of 12 white LED lights that can be turned on and off”.

Gupta also asked: “What sensors do you have?” And the robot shook the sensors.
“Understanding natural language is a breakthrough,” said Gupta.


Resultado de imagen de cue robot

Cue is an incredibly intelligent robot with an ingenious attitude that is full of interactive surprises. Choose between 4 unique avatars to personalize the signal with a personality that’s right for you. The more you explore, the more you discover what you can do with it.

The four avatars / personalities are:
He is brave and compassionate.
I love strategy and haikus sessions.
Address problems with sophistication and style.
Litso talker that stays balanced under pressure.
Wise instigator with a lot of charm.
Love the game especially if it’s for a good cause.
Thoughtful and adventurous.
Unlimited enthusiasm to learn new things.

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