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Connects Robotics / Drone “last kilometer” delivery service


In May 2017, Connect Robotics received a call from the national postal service to take a package from Cabo Ruivo to its headquarters in Parque das Nações, Lisbon. The drone had to travel 3 km of the journey at an altitude of 30 m due to the proximity of the airport, and it took only seven minutes.

Connect Robotics, an emerging company located within the incubator of the European State Agency (ESA) was founded in 2015 by Eduardo Mendes and Raphael Stanzani Mendes. Everything was a decision after the completion of his doctorate, while developing software to control and fly unmanned vehicles.

Motivated by the potential of drones to transport survival products and reduce the isolation of people living in remote regions, they began to explore the “last kilometer distribution” market.

Raphael Stanzani commented: “The distribution of last kilometer can be done in less than 30 minutes from the purchase, as our drones are not limited by traffic jams, works or natural barriers in areas of difficult access.”

“We can reduce costs by 40-60% compared to conventional courier services, so our customers can offer faster deliveries at a much lower cost,” Stanzani said.

Connect Robotics is developing its transport service with fully autonomous drones. A smart phone on board controls the device and connects it to a server in the cloud that determines the flight path, follows the drone and shows its position in real time to the operator.

“An operator can handle six of our drones simultaneously. The drone takes off alone and takes into account meteorology, elevation and flight routines. And, once the package is delivered, it returns automatically, “commented Stanzani.

Eduardo Mendes: “Without a doubt, our service adds value to the distribution of small parcels and sanitary products. A drone is faster and cheaper than a delivery van, and does not need a driver. ”

“We believe that, in the near future, it will be the most used method to distribute small-sized products.”

The drones fly autonomously and can be tracked throughout the flight process.

The service is especially indicated for distributors and sellers / consumers.

Drones can be implemented in the distribution operation with ease. It is easy to train staff for handling. The company is responsible for legal authorizations, regular maintenance and updates on drones.

The drones make the sale fast and effective. In this way you get maximum customer satisfaction as it receives your orders quickly.

Web interface

With an easy-to-use interface you can manage deliveries intuitively.
You can track all drones in real time.
Follow the delivery status (both the sender and receiver).
Check security approvals
Define new deliveries
Warehouse configuration.
Configuration of the consumers.
Configuration and management of destinations.
Abort flights.

The route of the flight is created automatically, therefore there is no need to worry.

The service that sells the company, is the rent of the drone. Only the trip would be paid.

The seller and the customer are always connected
The consumer receives an e-mail to confirm when it is ready.

Access to the growing list of recipients
With the web service you can automatically check if a user is available for deliveries of drones.

Integrated payment service
Optionally, the drone takes off only after payment in the application.

Fully automated, end-to-end
The software does everything from flight planning to time control and collision avoidance, including the drone pilot.

The service evolves with technology
The best of technology is always available to customers. Since they are updated.

Source text: ESA
Source text and image: connect-robotics

Source video: Sleeklab


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