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Bosch / vacuum cleaner that can be controlled through Alexa


Bosch introduces Rooxter, its first robot vacuum cleaner that can be controlled through Alexa. The intelligent assistant of Amazon. It has the RoomSelect application with which we can schedule the cleaning tasks for each room of the house.

It also incorporates a streaming camera that allows us to monitor the house permanently.

The Bosch vacuum cleaner is able to move alone and without any effort for the rooms that you wish to clean. The Home Connect app allows you to configure the robot vacuum cleaner in many ways and control it from anywhere in the world.

The robot scans its surroundings and creates a map of the whole house. We can see the map in the Home Connect app. The RoomSelect application allows us to select and control the rooms. In the app you can select areas where we do not want the robot to pass.


Resultado de imagen de robot aspirador de bosch con alexa

The robot can clean several houses autonomously without having to re-program since it is capable of memorizing several maps. It has an innovative laser system that makes it capable of detecting small obstacles, thus dodging them without any problem. Accessible management through Home Connect and Alexa.

We do not have to be in the house to handle it. Through Home Connect we can turn on and off the robot vacuum cleaner, schedule cleaning plans. With the Alexa application we can perform several functions, such as turning the robot on and off.

The functions of the robot can be extended with commands from the IFTTT application, using the If This Then That service.

Its design combines round elements, which makes it very accessible to any corner of the house.

The Bosch robot is equipped with a streaming camera, which allows the user, even if he is not at home, to see what happens in the house all the time. The camera can also be controlled by the app through a mobile or a tablet.

Source text and image: Boxxter


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