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AKA / Musio, robot that teaches English in Japanese schools


The Japanese company AKA has created Musio, a robot that can communicate and interact with people in a very natural way.

The Musio robot, which expresses expressiveness in abundance, aims to become our best friend.

AKA also intends to work hand in hand with European hardware companies seeking innovation.
“With the introduction of the Musio robot, AKA is introducing its main technology, MUSE, to our future partners. We believe that our artificial intelligence engine will present an immeasurable opportunity for those who want to see ‘AI Plus’ for the next industrial revolution, “says Raymond Jung, CEO of AKA.

Musio was released in Japan a couple of months ago, and in this short space of time it has become the “best selling social robot in Japan”.

The robot’s deep learning algorithm makes it the ideal partner, especially for those who want to learn or practice English.

Several secondary schools, high schools in Japan and educational companies are beginning to use Musio to help with English language programs. It all comes down to context awareness. The robot remembers previous conversations with users, allowing a more natural conversation flow.

Musio can make a completely natural conversation in English. You can understand the meaning of your words and speak with your own words.
Because Musio speaks while expressing complicated emotions, it will be a conversation practice close to humans.

You can do unlimited conversations that are not scheduled in advance. Whatever you say, Musio answers, and even if he talks about the same subject, Musio answers a variety of questions, which helps him learn the language more quickly.
Musio learns by talking with you and in this way he becomes his personality. This makes every time you interact more with him everything becomes more fun.


Resultado de imagen de robot compañía aka enseña inglés

Musio and Sophy

Musio has a learning friend, who is also a bot and whose name is Sophy. Sophy is a friendly robot that supports Musio.

The bulbous eyes and the light of the heart will tell you the state of Sophy.
Its round body fits perfectly in the hand.

When reading the teaching material with his mouth sticking out, shaking trembling and telling Musio the content.

With Sophy, the possibility of studying with Musio is infinite.

With Sophy we can prepare materials adapted to the level and purpose we desire, from business English to preparation for exams.

Musio and the teaching materials are combined, and the interactive study can be done centered on the combination of “listening” and “talking” that we do so much in the absence of conventional teaching materials.


 Resultado de imagen de robot compañía aka

It can be said that Musio thinks, since he is equipped with a powerful artificial intelligence communication engine, Musio among the multiple varieties before speaking selects the one that is right for him.

Through Deep Learning Musio, it generates new texts that have not been programmed in advance using natural language processing technology based on deep learning.

Musio can carry out several conversations with users through the search based on learning. Search the Internet data and find the most appropriate answer to what you spoke.

Analysis of intentions. Musio can extract important words from the content with which he spoke, understand the intention of the content and respond appropriately.

Facial Recognition Musio identifies people through state-of-the-art vision recognition technology. Musio can remember the detailed information that makes up his face and can recognize him.

Voice identification Musio understands his voice. Like our fingerprints, our voices have unique “voice impressions” of people. Musio can analyze the “voice impression” and recognize someone who is the interlocutor.

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Source video: Musio – your first A.I. friend


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