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ZenRobotics Recycler / revolutionizes the waste processing industry


Waste sorting robots ZenRobotics Recycler (ZRR) from ZenRobotics.

ZenRobotics Recycler (ZRR) is a robotic classification system that selects recoverable materials from the waste stream with the help of standard robots and intelligent learning technology.

The key is in the cost efficiency, in the automatic recycling 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and in the increase of the benefit through the high purity.

Intelligent solution to solve the problem of waste.

Industrial Robots of high resistance collect and classify in a completely autonomous way metals, wood, stones and fractions of rigid plastics mixed with flows of C & D waste and commercial and industrial waste.

The robots work through an advanced control system and sensor data in real time.

ZenRobotics Brain is the name of the robot control technology developed by ZenRobotics. This advanced control system through artificial intelligence manages multiple sensor inputs in real time, reacts to changes and learns from errors.

ZenRobotics has managed to successfully enter the demanding world of waste management. A very complicated and chaotic environment for standard robotic control systems.

ZenRobotics is a fast, robust, accurate and fully automated waste sorting solution.

A single robot can perform more than 2000 picks / hour, lift objects of various sizes with a weight of up to 20 Kg.

A typical system with two robots will perform more than 4000 collections / hour, accumulating approx. 16,000 tons / year working in two shifts.


ZenRobotics Ltd, is a Finnish private equity company based in Helsinki.

Zen Robotics specializes in robotic systems controlled by artificial intelligence (AI).

As a company, ZenRobotics Ltd. is right between the intersection of two major global trends: the revolution of smart robotic technology and the global need for ecological efficiency to fight against the waste crisis.

The robotic waste classification will revolutionize the waste processing industry in the same way that industrial robots transformed the automotive industry.

Recycling Robots ZenRobotics

Intelligent classification of waste.

ZenRobotics Recycler is the perfect combination of software and hardware.

It has several sensors that monitor the flow of waste continuously.

Its intelligent and updatable learning control software analyzes the information of the sensors in real time.

The industrial robots of first level and high resistance collect fractions of waste of diverse sizes and forms with rapidity and precision.

How does it work?

⦁ The ZRR sensor examines the waste stream.
⦁ The ZenRobotics Brain control software analyzes the information and controls the robots.
⦁ In addition, it identifies the materials, objects and grip points.
⦁ ZenRobotics Smart Gripper collects the desired objects.
⦁ Robots classify numerous fractions in one place.

ZRR classifies a large number of types of materials and diverse objects simultaneously in one place, and thus reduces the need for pre-processing and complex waste.

A single robotic arm can pick up to 4 different fractions with high precision, and achieve a purity of up to 98%.

ZRR can also perform a hybrid classification, as it is capable of collecting valuable fractions and waste from the conveyor.

ZRR can separate large and heavy objects up to 20 kg.

The ZenRobotics smart clamp has an opening between 50 and 500 mm, which allows the classification of objects of different shapes and sizes.

It has a specific design to adapt to the demands of solid waste and to prevent the sliding and falling of objects.

Each robotic arm has a wide working area and can throw classified objects into several waste hoppers.

In general, each robotic arm can classify and move on a 2 × 2 m surface, which guarantees a high performance in the classification.

What can ZRR classify?

A single robot can simultaneously classify a wide variety of materials and objects of different shapes and sizes.

At present, metals, various types of wood, various kinds of minerals, rigid plastics and cardboard can be classified.

Thanks to the precision of sensors and intelligent software, ZenRobotics Recycler can be programmed to recognize new types of waste.


Smart software is the brain of the system.

In fact, the very name of the software, ZenRobotics Brain indicates this.

Thanks to ZenRobotics Brain, the robot works with the input sensor as a reference in real time, instead of following a previously programmed routine.

Its exclusive software allows the classification of waste at high speed with extreme precision, and classify several fractions simultaneously.

Team learning means that you can train the ZRR system.

This guarantees the future of the system and allows reacting to changes in waste streams and in the recycling business in general.

The ZRR can easily be taught to classify a new fraction, to improve the classification quality of a fraction, or to divide an existing fraction into new subfractions.

Through the training of the system, the operator maintains the “absolute control” of the classified waste.

Modern tools for reporting and supervision.

ZenRobotics Reporting Tool offers operators of waste plants access to on-line analysis of waste streams and classification results.

The reporting tool provides key information for the control and optimization of production.

The ZenRobotics Recycler multifunction system can be used to complement existing installations, or can be configured as an independent classification unit.

ZRR makes the decentralized classification of waste a viable option.

ZRR can be installed in a simple process, without the need for a large amount of additional equipment, which allows the efficient classification of waste with a minimum additional investment and low operating cost.

The robots get a cost-effective automatic recycling, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and greater profits thanks to its flexibility.

Resultado de imagen de zen robotics

Smart classification through trainable software.

Recycler combines sensory data from multiple sensors to create an accurate real-time analysis of the waste stream.

Based on this analysis, the system makes autonomous decisions about which objects to choose and how.

Sensors ZenRobotics Recycler NIR
Near infrared spectrum sensors
3D sensor system
High resolution RGB camera
VIS image metal detector

The visual sensor of light spectrum ZRR is trainable. Add flexibility to waste separation.

You can train ZRR to enter a new fraction. To order and improve the classification quality of a fraction or divide an existing fraction into new sub-fractions.

To train ZRR, you simply need to show him samples of what to order.

During a training run, sample objects typical of the desired fractions are placed on the sorting belt. Then it runs through ZRR.

The training is fast, the system learns in the act.

ZRR’s unique ability to learn new fractions allows it to react quickly to changes in the waste stream.

Source text, images and video: ZenRobotics


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