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WindowMate / Window Cleaning Robot


The WindowMate robot is a window-cleaning robot.

It is a robot that can clean naturally and impeccably both the outside and the inside of glass and windows.

Worked with ground-breaking magnets in your body, the gadget is set all through the window opposing the most grounded breezes.

On account of an arrangement of inner oscillators, the robot recollects what regions of the surface it experienced and composes a course in the most effective way that could be available.

Notwithstanding launderable and reusable fabrics, the robot acknowledges the heap with cleaning items and has a scope of up to 90 back to back minutes in a solitary battery charge.

The principal form of this gadget was propelled two years prior in Korea effectively.

Presently the maker RF, has made a more widespread model for 600 dollars.

Window cleaning robot.

Self-sufficient route robot connected to the two sides of a glass window by utilizing changeless magnets.

Windowmate comprises of an IN unit, an OUT unit. Every unit has great attractive neodymium and the two modules are held together by changeless magnets.

In this manner, it will remain unequivocally appended to the window if the power is actuated/deactivated.


Arrangement all the more intense and more clean.

When settled to the glass window and squeezing the catch, it naturally measures the stature and width and cleans the whole window. In the wake of completing the cleaning, return to where it began.


Bliss of living.

The mix of an exact measure of cleanser splash and the turning microfiber cushions will clean the windows consummately.

At the point when the battery is low, it returns astutely to the beginning stage.

In the wake of completing the cleaning, return to where it begins.

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