Uber / wants a taxi flying through the sky by 2020


Uber wants to have a taxi flying through the sky by 2020.

After its settlement in road transport Uber goes further and wants to also lead the sky by transporting passengers by air with its Uber Elevate service.

The flying taxis of Uber Elevate.

The planes that Uber will use will land and take off vertically.

Apart from the vertical takeoffs the vehicles could also be used to park in places with a small space.

Obviously this transport will avoid traffic jams and will be faster than land transport.

These aircraft behave in a similar way to helicopters and will feature multiple rotors and VTOL technology.

Uber has partnered with Hilwood Properties for the construction of four vertiports.

Vertiports are spaces destined for the landing, clearing and loading of aerial vehicles.

The vehicles that Uber would use to transport passengers would be completely electric. 0% pollutants.

They would have capacity for four people. At first it would have human pilots, although the idea is that they end up being autonomous.

Uber said that the expectations of these cars are high. Being able to travel 75 kilometers in 1/4 hour reaching speeds that can reach 250 km / hour.

An estimated journey of 15 minutes in these taxis would have an approximate price of $ 21.

A current helitaxi costs 800 euros minimum for a journey of about 12 minutes.

According to the forecasts managed by Uber Elevate, its air taxis would start costing approximately 150 euros.

And with the service implemented, flights would be offered for up to 20 euros.

The request for the taxi service would be reserved through an app on the mobile phone as it is done today in the hiring of land vehicles.

If successful, Uber would move towards large-scale operations in other countries, outside the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Uber between his sights has the one to unite in this service of flying taxi with manufacturers of airplanes and companies of loads of electrical cars.

In addition to Uber, there are several companies that investigate the development of flying cars.

⦁ The German company eVolo works in Volocopter, a vehicle for 2 people that has 18 rotors.

⦁ Airbus is developing VTOL. An autonomous vehicle for a single person that will have 8 rotors and can reach an altitude of 1,000 feet.

⦁ The Chinese drone company EHang works in a taxi-drone that will reach a height of 11,000 feet.

⦁ Terrafugia works on a drone that takes off, lands and flies in an autonomous way that will become reality by 2025.

Source video, image and text: CNBC


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