Tesla /Model S, exciting sedan accelerates 0 to 100 km in 2.7 seconds


Designed to be a safe and vibrant sedan, the Tesla Model S has a perfect performance thanks to its exclusive all-electric propulsion system.

Its acceleration capacity from 0 to 100 km is 2.7 seconds.

Incredible to mention that the S + Ludicrous Model reached 100 km in 2.28 seconds as measured by Motor Trend, becoming the vehicle with the highest acceleration in the world.

Tesla is continuously innovating and updating.

The Model S is a leader in its class, which is why 94% of buyers say they would buy this model again.

Qualified with 5 security stars, it has great autonomy, acceleration, power and personalization options.

It is capable of reaching 632 Kilometers in a single load.

The objective of Tesla is to create awareness of renewable energy and motivate the importance of knowledge.

Until May 2008, Tesla Motors sold its cars by telephone, internet and at its central office. Later, he opened his first store in Los Angeles (California) and in 2012 he owned 20 stores and workshops in North America, Europe and Asia.

Tesla intends to open 50 more stores in the coming years, all located in luxury sectors in major cities.

In addition to selling at Tesla stores, it is very likely to hold events in shopping centers.

George Blankenship, sales director of Tesla Motors, said:

We do not want to sell a car to people, we want people to buy us a car because they want to. Is different. I believe that everyone who comes to a Tesla store today will want to buy us a car in the next 10 years. That’s the important thing, not the next 3 days, but the next 10 years.

The prices of the cars are not negotiable in Tesla and they are published on their website.

Tesla does not have a car deposit, it manufactures the cars according to the buyer, personalizing it the last details of the vehicle in the store or on the internet.

Tesla Model S.

Deliveries of the Tesla Model S began in July 2012. Its annual production is 50,000 units. Accommodates 5 adults and two children can go in the back seats opposite the direction of travel.

Its autonomy is between 338Km and 507 km in the EPA cycle and its acceleration between 5.8 seconds and 2.3 seconds depending on the different versions.

Charging times vary according to the available voltage and amperage of the recharge current.

With a 240V, 20kW and high amperage plug it can be charged in 5 hours using an 85kW battery.

The battery pack is flat and is under the car. It consists of lithium-ion batteries adding a capacity of 60 kWh, 75 kWh, 90 kWh or 100 kWh depending on the version.

The body is reinforced aluminum.

. Each surface, upholstery and sewing balances an optimal tactile and visual sensation.

The door handles are made of zinc and are polished by hand.

The leather upholstery uses high quality nappa leather and the decorative moldings preserve its natural beauty.

The basis of Tesla is Security.

The basis of Tesla is security, which is why they include a complete autonomous driving hardware that through software updates are becoming even safer than human drivers.

In the rear axle we find the engine and the batteries are lying on the ground so its center of gravity is lower and simulates a sports car.

It is available in a version with rear traction and another with total traction with dual motor in both monotorized and digitally controlled axes optimizing the traction.

In case of an accident, the eight airbags protect the front and rear occupants, and the high-voltage power supply is automatically disconnected.

In October 2015, Tesla announced that it was equipping its S model with an automatic pilot.

Its hardware consists of a front radar, a camera, a high-precision electrical assistance braking system and 12 long-range ultrasonic sensors that detect 15 meters around in all directions and at any speed.

A forward radar with improved processing provides us with additional data about the world, allowing us to see better through intense rain, haze, dust.

Designed to drive with greater safety and tranquility.
We emphasize the Autopilot assisted driving.
Tesla says that although driverless cars are only a few years old, the autopilot gives the driver more comfort and safety.

The autopilot works like aircraft pilot systems when conditions are good.

With autopilot you have the function of total autonomous driving, doubling the number of active cameras from four to eight, thus being able to have complete autonomous driving in almost all circumstances.

Among the features of the autopilot in the model S we highlight the ability to move in the same lane, make a change of lane with a simple touch to the signal

l of turn, adequacy of speed through a cruise control controlled by traffic. Model S includes a complete autonomous driving hardware that through complete software updates is even allowing to be more secure than human drivers.

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