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Stanley Robotics / Stan, valet robot

Stan is an electric valet robot designed by the French start-up Stanley Robotics.

It is a robot designed to optimize parking on large surfaces.

Stanley Robotics: “Stan optimizes parking by up to 50% without changing the existing infrastructure.” “Giving a pleasant, quick and easy experience”.

The operation of the robot is simple. The car is put in a cabin, the luggage is removed and the unit Stan takes the vehicle and parks it in order of size.

Endowed with a body-like platform, Stan lifts the cars by the wheels mainly and parks them in an order of size saving space.

Your driverless platform gently picks up, transfers and stores all vehicles, treating them with the utmost care.

It is equipped with the latest sensor technology, which is why Stan analyzes the car accurately and adapts to its size.

Navigating around with maximum precision, protects the car from any damage.

The start up has obtained 3.6 million euros to carry out the project through investment funds Elaia Partners, Bpifrance and Idinvest Partners.


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Stan is a revolutionary way to park the car.

In turn, it prevents users from saving many unwanted maneuvers and scratches.

The user saves time and avoids parking efforts even while keeping their keys.

It is electrically operated, so it is safe in the storage of cars zero emissions.

An intelligent management system coordinates all the robots.

It ensures a more rational use of the parking space to store more vehicles in a specific physical area.

The existing parking infrastructure does not require any construction work.

The robot saves a lot of time to the customers since the car is left at the indicated point, normally in a cabin at the entrance of the car park and at the same time it is picked up upon arrival.

Thanks to Stanley Robotics service you can leave your vehicle at the entrance of the parking garage, in a spacious, clean and well-lit designated area.

You can reserve the parking space online through a smartphone in the application, on the Stanley Robotics website or directly in the parking lot.

The Stanley Robotics area will be located right at the entrance to the garage.

You can also recover the car through the application of the company.

It is very useful for parking in airports. And it is in this space, at the Paris Airport of Charles de Gaulle, where the company has entered the market.

In airports it is where a priori the company wants to specialize since the robot offers an attractive service able to leave the car at the starting point recognizing the arrival time of the flights.

Working with real-time information, the robot takes into account flight delays and even changes in user itineraries.

All this through an application that the company offers.

If there are many simultaneous deliveries, the robot can leave the car in a parking lot assigned for the user to pick it up.

Operating costs are reduced since vehicles are stored in the space without public access (~ 95% of the garage).

Therefore, more maintenance can be eliminated: lighting, flooring without the need to mark, no painting, air conditioning, cleaning …

The number of cars that a Stan robot can park per year is around 20,000 and 30,000 units.

A Stan robot can comfortably manage an average of 400 parking spaces.

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