RealDoll / the Harley Davidson of the Inflatable Dolls


The new robotic revolution integrates strong advances in artificial intelligence that we can already see inside bodies that simulate human beings.
Matt McMullen is the founder of the RealDoll company.

Harmony is her new sex doll with artificial intelligence.

It impresses how this doll can speak fluently and correctly. Perform movements of head, eyebrows, lips.
The more we approach to imitate the human form the more we are surprised of our creations.

Matt McMullen, executive director of Abyss Creations, the company that owns RealDoll, stands out for presenting a great career in art and sculpture.

Matt McMullen: “Many people who buy a RealDoll for their sexual abilities realize that it is much more than a sex toy.”

RealDoll2 is the new generation of RealDoll technology. It uses the latest in materials and techniques and is the culmination of more than 17 years of experience in the manufacture of the best silicone dolls in the world.

RealDoll2 offers advanced weight reduction without sacrificing the feel of the wrist. It has two patented styles of interchangeable faces (magnetic face and full-face FaceX systems), 7 “deep removable mouth inserts, optional removable vagina inserts for easy hygiene and maintenance and an ever-expanding line of continuously added faces and bodies to the RealDoll2 collection to expand your future options.

It offers engineering improvements to the skeleton system, including stainless steel parts and aluminum finger mudguards.

With the patented RealDoll FaceX system, different faces can be used, creating a new personality on the wrist.

The personality of the doll is achieved via an application, being able to be used on the wrist or independently through a telephone or other similar device.

The application that activates Harmony is now available for sale through the Realbotix website, an Abyss company.

The doll will be released at the end of the year in two versions; a version that has facial recognition and can distinguish several members of a family unit that will cost $ 10,000 and another version without facial recognition for $ 5,000.

Abyss Creations SLL
Abyss Creations, owner of RealDoll, based in San Marcos, California, develops a life-size sex doll that seems to recreate the appearance, texture and weight of a real human being.

Although the initial function of this robot is to serve as a sexual partner, some owners use this RealDoll robot for non-sexual activities, such as complements for human models in photography or visual presentations.

The first version of this robot was made of solid latex, which had an internal skeleton. Later it was changed to silicone in order to have that realistic feeling of the skin.

The appearance of this sex doll robot can change depending on the mood of its owner.

They can also change this robotic companion’s dress with wigs and makeup, and adjust their body temperature.

With the latest technology applied to the skin of this robot, it can withstand tears and compression marks compared to its previous versions.

RealDoll is really a cutting-edge creation when it comes to the simulation of the human body.

Source: RealDoll

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