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PowerRay is a drone that can be piloted underwater. Thanks to its fantastic 4k UHD camera the use of PowerRay becomes a pleasure for fans of photography, videos, diving, fishing lovers.

PowerRay is a product of PowerVision Technology Group. Pioneer company in robotics, Big Data technology, unmanned aerial vehicles.

PowerVision Technology Group was founded in 2009 and currently has more than 500 employees around the world who mainly develop intelligent robots and drones.

Previously PowerVison released its successful PowerEgg folding drones.

He also successfully launched the PowerEye market. A flying camera destined to the professional cinema.

Huber Hu, (CEO of PowerVision and responsible for the brand in Europe): “Our main objective when developing innovative products is to improve the lives of people.”

PowerRay has certain characteristics that give it great autonomy and performance.

Its weight is only 3.8 kg.

It has 3 helices. Two propellers located in the back make the function of push and control of the direction and speed of the drone.

It has a screw that moves vertically while measuring the depth of the device.

PowerRay can reach a speed of up to two meters per second.

The battery provides an autonomy of 4 hours at full capacity.

It can be handled by a remote control similar to those of an unmanned aircraft and through virtual reality glasses.

Its use is ideal for fresh, chlorinated and salty waters.

PowerRay can be placed on a hook at one end where a rod is placed. Right in front of the camera.

It has a cable that is tied to a base station that is located above the water and that acts as a radio wave transmitter.

PowerRay also presents an independent sonar that can be coupled, and can expand the ability to find fish up to a distance of 40 meters to its submersibility of 30 meters.

We highlight its Ultra High Definition UHD 1080P Real Time Streaming Camera, with 12 Megapixels and Burst Mode Photo Shooting mechanism.

You can insert 32 Gb or 64 Gb memory cards.

This Robot was launched in April 2016 at an event the company organized in Munich (Germany).

PowerRay It has endless possibilities: to visualize fish in the water, to navigate through bottoms of lakes and rivers, to follow boats on the seabed …

PowerRay is available in three models.

PowerRayExplorer, PowerRay Angler and PoweRay Wizard.

The PowerRay Wizard model also has Zeis VR One Plus virtual reality glasses.

These virtual reality glasses along with the images that the drone offers you from the underwater world allow you to live a unique experience.

“Users will also be able to see the real-time position of the robot, select the travel mode, speed, adjust the light and calibrate the underwater photography and videography options,” comments Huber Hu.

“Man has conquered the sky many years ago, but the underwater world has been hidden for a long, long time.”

And the truth is that PowerRay not only allows you to explore the depths of rivers through its sonar.

PoerRay also presents a Wifi system that makes it capable of sending images and videos instantly to more than 70 meters away.

Huber Hu “Our robot has reversed the traditional fishing process”, “It is no longer the fisherman who waits for the fish, but now chases it”.

“Traditionally recreational fishing has remained on the sidelines of great technological advances,” “But PowerRay has set out to change forever the way we have been fishing in the last 7,000 years,” says Huber Hu.

With the mission of “improving the future”, PowerVision Group is a worldwide innovation pioneer that spotlights on items and administrations identified with UAV, including shrewd automatons, information perception and anticipating, virtual reality and increased reality.

A pioneer in advancement, PowerVision Robot, has propelled a progression of shrewd robot items that incorporate automatons and multipurpose buyer robots. Through its bleeding edge innovations, PowerVision constantly builds the execution of robots to enhance the lives of individuals around the globe. In August 2016, PowerVision propelled its first shopper ramble, PowerEgg, in North America, Europe and China.

PowerEgg: imaginative outline and signal based control

PowerEgg’s exquisite and imaginative outline tends to client interest for simple automaton transportability with its pack and rigging attributes. The completely foldable outline enables clients to convey it in a rucksack without harming the propellers and the camera.

In the mean time, PowerEgg takes the shopper ramble market to the following level with the business’ first signal acknowledgment remote control: PowerEgg Maestro ™. It makes PowerEgg the most instinctive automaton, intended for fans and additionally for ramble proprietors out of the blue. With PowerEgg Maestro, departure, landing, Follow Me and Orbital Flight should be possible at the push of a catch so anybody can fly PowerEgg promptly.

PowerEgg is accessible worldwide in white and is valued at $ 1,288 USD MSRP through PowerVision.

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Source image and text: http://powervision.me/en/html/pv/powerray

Source video: PowerVision Global


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