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Omron / LD Mobile robot, is being tested in Japanese airports with…


 The Omron LD Mobile robot is a cargo robot that is designed to transport objects. Tested in Japanese Airports

Among its features we highlight several:

The Omron LD Mobile robot weighs 79 kilos.

There are two models, the Omron LD-60 Model and the Omron LD-90 Model.

The model LD-60 can load up to 60 kilograms and can get to move at a speed of 1.8 m / s. It has a 22 VDC LiFePO4 battery that can have an autonomy of up to 13 hours in activity.

The model LD-90 is a model with more load capacity, can reach up to 90 kilograms. It can reach up to 1.35 m / s. It has a 29 VDC LiFePO4 battery that can reach an operating autonomy of up to 12 hours.

Both the battery of model LD-60 and model LD-90 have a charging time of 3.5 hours. Its navigation is autonomous. They move using a laser locator based on maps of the environment.

The LD Models can have transporting trucks.

We found two models of transporting cars. The Model LDT 105 CT and the Model LDT 130 CT.

The Model LDT 105 CT can transport up to 105 kilograms at 1.35 meters per second and the Model LDT 130CT can transport up to 130 kg at 0.9 m / s.

Resultado de imagen de robot omron ld

This image facilitated by the Japanese airline Japan Airlines (JAL) shows the Omron LD Mobile robot transporting luggage at the Japanese airport in Fukuoka.

A test of use of the Omron robot with about 60 people was carried out. Many of them in wheelchairs and people who carried baby carts.

The Japanese company is thinking about implanting robots with a view to the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 that can be useful for disabled people and elderly people.

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Source video: Omron Automation – Americas


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