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Google has it clear.  (Google Developers Convention 2017).

At the annual developer conference, Google has stressed the importance of putting all their efforts into artificial intelligence.

Sundar Pichai: “The first thing for us is artificial intelligence”.

Artificial intelligence will cause changes in all of Google’s business lines.

Artificial intelligence will expand possibilities in photo applications, in search engines, in the translation service, in the digital assistant.

The figures of Google for this year impress.

Over 1,000 million hours of video a day on YouTube are viewed.

1,000 million kilometers are calculated on routes in Google Maps.

They upload 1,200 million photos a day to Google Photos.

Android has reached the figure of 2 billion active devices per month.

Google Brains.

Sundar Pichai emphasized the great progress that has been made in the field of creation of neural networks.

Sundar Pichai: “One of the ways in which we hope to make artificial intelligence more accessible is by simplifying the creation of machine learning models called neural networks.”

“Nowadays, designing a neural network is time-consuming and requires expertise that limits its use to a small community of scientists and engineers.”

Google in 2011 created Google Brains.

Google Brains is a research department of Google that is fundamentally oriented to the generation of integrated circuits for machine learning.

Research by Google Brains has resulted in improvements in translation, image recognition, and speech recognition applications.

Artificial intelligence is noticeable in Google in both old and new applications.

Google Homes

At the convention we talked about the progress made in Google Home.

Google Homes has been able to recognize several people.

The identification of contexts in an image has been improved, giving even the possibility of eliminating elements of a photograph that appear as an obstacle.

Sundar Pichai: “Now we can distinguish different voices in Google Home, providing people with a more personalized experience when they interact with the device.”

“If you’ve crouched under a friend’s table to see the Wi-Fi password on the back of the router, your mobile can now recognize the password, understand that you’re trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network and automatically connect ”

Google Lens.

This application provides image recognition technology and allows you to obtain additional information from the environment by pointing only with the camera through Photos or Google Assistant.

“We are starting to understand images and videos and that has profound implications for us,” says Pichai.

Scott Huffman, Vice President of Google Assistant, said that thanks to Google Lens very soon we can have natural conversations with the digital assistant.

Sundar Pichai: “Our systems recognize images better than people, an exceptional achievement that we are using in all our products.”

Google Lens will be able to recognize a painting and its painter. Identify a flower just by pointing it with the mobile.

You can also recognize facades of companies, location of services.

Being able to give you information of these.

By pointing Google Lens to a restaurant we can know information about it. Menu of the day, the schedule, opinions of consumers.

Google Lens will implement the Google Assistant tool in the short term.

This tool will make it easier to carry out orders online.

Google wants the Assistant, which is based on voice recognition, to make better and better conversations. Make these more fluid and natural.

That the conversations are more natural and that Assistant can even achieve on his own to differentiate the members of the house with whom he interacts.

Google Search

Sundar Pichai: “We are evolving Google Search to make it more and more assertive for our users”.

It is intended that there will be greater integration between the voice assistant and the search engine.

Google Photo.

The Google Photo application allows us to expand our options.

Google has taken special interest in that you can share your photos with your loved ones more directly.

Google Photo now allows you to recognize the faces of the people that appear in the photographs.

The service selects the best photos and offers to share the images automatically with the person we choose.

Google offers the possibility of making photo albums on paper with pre-selected photos for a cost of $ 9.95 per month.

Sundar Pichai also alludes to the fact that there will be advances in significant artificial intelligence in other areas in the short term.

Advances in the fields of medicine, on chemistry. “One day, artificial intelligence will invent new molecules that will behave in predetermined ways.”

Sundar Pichai commented that advances in image recognition will also help improve medical diagnostics. Android O and Android Go.

At the convention special mention was made of the Android O and Android Go.Android O applications in beta version is now available, and comes with improvements in speed, performance and compatibility in the batteries.

Android Go is an application aimed at emerging countries for low-end phones. Go seeks to optimize the use of data and offer personalized apps. Daydream.

The virtual reality platform of Google Daydream will offer you through a virtual reality glasses possibility so you can share what you see on your television.Google Jobs.

It is a new application that aims to improve the connection between companies and people who are in search of work. Google is betting a lot on this new application. Google believes that many improvements can be made in this field.

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