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Fujitsu invests 20 million in a new data center in Spain.

10% of the 200 million that the company has allocated in its global network of K5 centers to provide services in the cloud.

Spain now together with the United Kingdom, Finland and Germany are sites of the K5 platform of Fujitsu cloud services.

The company will continue as recently announced with its expansion process opening new centers in Dallas (USA), Australia and Singapore.

Ángeles Delgado (President Fujitsu Iberia and Latin America):

“Having achieved that this investment comes to Spain is excellent news, although our strategy is not only to turn the country into a recipient of investments, but also, to turn Spain into a center for exports of services and knowledge.”

Angela Delgado says that with the new K5 in Spain is available to all Spanish companies the technology needed to accelerate their digital transformation: Big data, data analytics, technology applied to the Internet, artificial intelligence.

Hiring their use can be scalable. The payment will be invoiced by the consumptions made.

Ángela Delgado: “We want to facilitate the digitalization of business, which opens opportunities for all industries.”

“The demand grows 33%, because the companies can not today wait for the times of provision that we had traditionally in the technological sector”.

“Now, when a company wants to launch a new application for its clients, for example, or apply the internet of things, it wants to do it already, because the market does not wait.”

The center now provides much more confidence to customers in Spain, says Ángela Delgado.

“Now with our center, we are talking about a cloud infrastructure in Spain, with the data residing in the country. Customers know where their data is, with a visible face, which is Fujitsu Spain, and in line with European regulation. ”

The news of the new Center of Excellence in Spain was announced on the Fujitsu World Tour that was held in Madrid this May 9, 2017.

Fujitsu World Tour is the annual Fujitsu convention.

In this convention the company shows its latest technological innovations.

At the 2017 convention Fujitsu also gave his vision on digital transformation. Just like Facebook and Google did in their respective annual conventions.

Fujitsu brought together clients and partners from all parts of Spain.


The new CoE (European Center of Excellence) will be managed from the Fujitsu offices in Copenhagen (Denmark).

The basis of the CoE is to provide solutions through the Automation of Robotic Processes (RPA) to existing processes of common and routine use in clients and companies.

The functions of the center will be: developing new services to minimize repetitive tasks, process optimization, identification and resolution of hidden processes and bottlenecks.

This center will allow Fujitsu customers to advance in their digital transformation.

Robotic automation will provide time savings and improvements in administrative tasks, in human resources and accounting.

RPA uses software robots with and without artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning capabilities.

Software robots handle a massive use of data 24 hours a day. Allowing us to focus on more creative work, eliminating routine and repetitive tasks.

This translates into an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.

The objective is to optimize processes by getting Fujitsu customers to accelerate their digital transformation.

The company’s Human Centric Intelligent Society vision helps clients improve their work tasks.

The aim is to work together with clients to improve RPA services.

Tatsuya Tanaka (President of Fujitsu):

“At Fujitsu we are aware that technology makes people happier and plays a more important role than ever before in their lives, which is why we put people at the center of everything we do. digital co-creation with our clients, because we know that collaborating with other companies when innovating is the best way to make a more advanced and prosperous world “.

Joseph Reger, the CTO of the multinational, commented:

“We live in the era of the digital revolution, technologies such as artificial intelligence or robots are already present and are evolving at great speed, it is important that we prepare ourselves for the creation of new jobs that we do not yet know and that we begin to ask ourselves, Is current education ready for the professions of the future? ”

Resultado de imagen de centro de excelencia de fujitsu

Fujitsu World Tour 2017.

Supercomputer Exascale.

At the convention, the company also announced the project of its future Exascale computer.

Project to be carried out by Fujitsu with Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC).

Exascale will be 10 times faster than the most powerful supercomputer known today.

Arimichi Kunisawa, president Fujitsu Supercomputing:

“The ability to process large amounts of data at a very high speed becomes increasingly important as the world is digitized. It is estimated that in 2030 there will be more than 60,000 million connected objects that will generate a huge amount of data, and that we will have to know how to manage them in order to convert them into knowledge “.

Cybersecurity Center in Spain.

Fujitsu will also inaugurate a cybersecurity center in Spain before the end of the year.

What he wants is to take his activities in this area to a much greater scale.

Robot Robotin

It was unveiled Robopin robot that stands out for its ability to move.

He is able to perform 222 movements and transmit emotions.

It is designed to be used in several areas: customer service, hotel receptionist, sale in financial businesses.

Virtual reality.

We emphasize in the field of artificial intelligence a helmet of augmented reality ideal for industry 4.0.

Among its functions, a viewer or screen integrated into the helmet calls attention, adding additional information to the reality and making the fulfillment of the activity more decisive.

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