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Momentum Machines / Robot capable of making 400 burgers hour


Momentum Machines is a start-up based in San Francisco (USA) that has created a robot capable of making 400 burgers per hour.

This robotic technology of Momentum Machines consists of an assembly line, like those already present in the automotive and appliance industries.

The machine would take care of the entire process of preparing the hamburger.

Chop the ingredients, bake the bread to the consumer’s taste, customize the product with the desired ingredients and insert the hamburger in its final packaging.

These burgers are freshly ground and roasted according to the consumer’s taste and seasoned by an endless variety of products, condiments and sauces.

Serving a great hamburger at such an affordable price that it is impossible to achieve without culinary automation.

Momentum Machines has just won the sum of 18 million euros in a second round of financing attracting very important investors such as Google Ventures, Lemnos Labs, Khosla Ventures, K5 Ventures and Ventures Capital.

The robot can cook the meat, cut and choose the desired ingredients, spread the bread with ketchup, mustard.

The Momentum Machines robot will be capable in the not too distant future of serving fast food companies recognized as Mc Donalds, Burger King …

The only human in the robot is the replacement of the product, its care and cleanliness.

It is a hamburger assembly line in which the meat is cooked on a plate that is always in motion.

When the point of the flesh is. The meat is introduced between bread and vegetables.

Finally the order is sent to a paper bag where it is bagged.

Orders can be made based on modules, and hamburgers can be customized.

The main interest of the machine is profitability. It would cost the restaurant between $ 25,000 and $ 35,000.

It would be easy to amortize with a series of improvements in the future and customizations since it is still in the experimental phase.

The next step of Momentum Machines is to establish this robot in a restaurant in the Bay of San Francisco and demonstrate the potential it has in a real field of action.

This concept and the technology that is being used are already being implemented in some areas of the world. In short, it is another assembly line very common in the world of household appliances and in the automotive industry.

The difference is that it is a food product. It is food and it is considered something more artisanal and in our mind it is not using industrial and manufacturing procedures in this field.

The startup has commented that although their robots would eliminate jobs, they will be reoriented to another class of more efficient and strategic tasks such as restaurant management, business planning, solving software problems, developing new products.


Resultado de imagen de momentum machines

The robot consists of different parts as you can see in the image.

The areas that make up the production chain are:

The stamping machine crushes and seals mixtures of fresh meats as the hamburgers are ordered.

The machine cuts fresh ingredients only after the order is placed, creating in this way the freshest burger possible.

The oven is capable of performing gourmet cooking methods not previously used in fast food restaurants.

At this point the machine produces a full bagged burger.

A full burger bagged, completely replacing all the workmanship of packaging a restaurant.

400 burgers / hour.
Modular menu easy to clean and recharge.

Momentum Machines.

Founded in 2009 and located in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco, Momentum Machines is a small foodies and engineers collective with decades of experience in robotics and restaurants.

In the last five years, they have solved many difficult engineering and manufacturing problems and built this interesting fast food production chain.

Your first device makes gourmet hamburgers from scratch without human interaction.

Momentum Machines is a group focused on analytical and creative engineering.

The team consists of roboticists from renowned institutions such as Berkeley and Stanford and companies such as Tesla and NASA.

The team is also made up of production managers with extensive experience in restaurants.

Momentum Machines is advised by some of the leading restaurant operators, culinary experts, roboticists and designers worldwide.

Source: Aban Tech


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