Microsoft / sees the future, in the cloud “Azure” and artificial intelligence


During the BUILD 2017 held this year in Seattle (USA) Microsoft takes special consideration in Azure (its “technology” in the cloud) and artificial intelligence.

The BUILD is the international conference that Microsoft carries out every year. This one is mainly focused on the developers.

On May 10, the first day of the conference, Microsoft talked about Office and Windows. On the second day, May 11, Microsoft spoke mainly about its tool focused on providing services in the “Azure” cloud.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of the company, showed a Microsoft focused on developing artificial intelligence and oriented to give the machine the learning capacity.

Nadella commented on the fundamental importance for Microsoft of the development of artificial intelligence, the recognition of the voice and equipping the machines with learning capacity.

Microsoft is positive with the advances as these give us opportunities in our way of working and living.

Microsoft has highlighted the good sales data it is obtaining with Windows 10, which already has 500 million users and Office 365 with 100 million users.

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Microsoft aims to create an “intelligent” cloud.

Microsoft’s cloud, Azure, currently provides space for 90% of companies on the Fortune 500 list.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, in the BUILD 2017 talked about providing the cloud with intelligence incorporating cognitive virtual computing systems.

12 million people use Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform.

The information that companies create and incorporate into the network has exploded, resulting in a constant increase in information on the Internet.

According to Satya Nadella, Edge is the future, since it allows to process the data before sending it to the cloud reducing the information sent since it does not duplicate.

Satya Nadella “In a world of almost infinite computing power and exponential growth in data, we focused on encouraging each developer to build applications for this new era of intelligent and peripheral cloud.”


There have been improvements in the Azure IoT Edge and Azure SQL Database services.

Microsoft has announced new tools and services.

The company has announced a Powerpoint tool capable of translating a presentation into 10 different languages.

This powerpoint tool can generate subtitles for users with hearing problems.

We also highlight the Microsoft Cognitive Service tool. Tool aimed at improving work environments through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Microsoft is in turn creating applications aimed at improving security.

Applications that detect possible security risks in hospitals, factories, and can alert those responsible for certain hazards.

In hospitals, incidents can be detected in patients who are in risk areas and factories incidents derived from spills of toxic products.

Microsoft comments on the achievements that are being made in artificial intelligence systems and machine learning in both the recognition of objects and the recognition of people.

We highlight a new database, Cosmos DB.

Database intended to be useful for large applications that need constant operation.

Microsoft has released the latest version of Visual Studio for the Mac platform, pretends to be competition in this field of Amazon.

The virtual assistant Cortana has been improved. New functions have been expanded.

Cortana comes installed on Windows 10. 141 million people use this virtual assistant monthly.

Cortana presents a strong update.

Cortana can now record the activities and devices that the user uses.

Cortana is acquiring new skills.

Satya Nadella “We have the opportunity and the responsibility. The computing of the future will be defined by the choices that developers take ”

Microsoft is positive and talks about the benefits that technology has on people. Technology that improves human lives.

Microsoft emphasizes that technology is at the service of people and that it is reliable.

Offline access

Our electronic, mobile and tablet devices are not always completely connected. So Microsoft intends to take offline access to our files by tuning them in the cloud.

Offline access is available for Android with OneDrive Offline Folders and will reach iOs in no time.

Dropbox and Google Drive have offline file services within their applications.


Source video: Bloomberg Technology


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