Microsoft opens an AI laboratory in Redmont, Washington


Microsoft has opened a new AI laboratory located at Redmont company’s headquarter (Washington), where more than 100 scientists as announced the company will contribute their knowledge.

According to Eric Horvitz, Director of Microsoft Research Labs: “The objective will be to combine different disciplines such as perception, learning, reasoning and natural language processing, and create a unique system capable of solving a range of tasks and problems.”

In this laboratory the new principles of this technology will be explored and an ethical design guide for AI will be created.

Resultado de imagen de microsoft inaugura laboratorio de ia en redmont

The company has also communicated the availability of “seeing AI”, a new iOs application that, without additional cost, will be able to help blind and visually impaired people take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, Microsoft has also released a new sane collaboration with the expert in machine learning.

The key with the new laboratory is to have a multidisciplinary team in AI. The new laboratory will be associated with the Center for Brains, Minds and Machines created by MIT.

Microsoft also joined forces in 2016 with Google, Amazon, IBM and Facebook to create a non-profit association that promotes the field of AI worldwide.

A few months ago, Microsoft acquired the Canadian startup Maluuba. Company specialized in the development of an artificial intelligence capable of understanding human-level text.

At Microsoft, fundamental and connected research assumes an imperative part in leap forward mechanical developments that enable individuals to accomplish more. The exploration convention at Microsoft was formalized in 1991 with the establishing of the Microsoft Research Redmond lab. Today, the Redmond lab is at the center point of Microsoft Research’s globe-spreading over association that encourages open coordinated efforts with accomplices all through industry and scholarly organizations and in addition Microsoft item groups.

Research in the Redmond lab ranges from thought administration in security, protection and cryptography to foundational work in territories, for example, frameworks and systems administration, programming dialects, human-PC connection, human dialect advancements, AI and PC vision. Microsoft Research Redmond is the organization’s biggest research lab and every year has a few hundred research understudies and guests from recognized undergrad and graduate projects the world over.

Individuals go to the Microsoft Research Redmond lab for the chance to take a shot at significant software engineering challenges at a scale that accomplishes worldwide effect.


Source video, image, and text:  Microsoft Research

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