Metro Skyways / hydrogen urban flying car will come true in 2022


Metro Skyways, a subsidiary of the Israeli company Urban Aeronautics, has presented CityHawk, a hydrogen-powered flying car designed to fly over large cities.

The CityHawk tests, as the car has been baptized will be for the year 2022.

CityHawk is a robust flying car with a capacity for four passengers.

It is designed for urban mobility and has the peculiarity that it does not have wings and external motors.

This makes it easy to fly at low altitude, being ideal for flying between buildings.

To move use internal rotor blades. A technology called FanCraft that facilitates vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL).

VTOL is based on a propulsion system that a priori will use fuel in an initial form.

The company says it will replace it with liquid hydrogen once this is commercially viable.

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This project derives from a project that began a decade ago. The Cormorant project, which follows the steps in form and size of the AirMule car. Which was already successfully tested autonomously in 2013.

Although the initial test will be done with a driver in the cockpit. It is expected that in the future the cars will be electric, autonomous and combine land and air conduction.

Since the idea is that it works with hydrogen, the company sells it as a vehicle that stands out for its clean transport, since it would not emit carbon emissions.

The idea is that CityHawk can be refueled at a regular gas station.

There are rumors that CityHawk would have a starting price around $ 300,000.

There are voices that do not consider this way of traveling through the air at the moment the most advisable and realistic.

Bill Ford, Henry Ford’s great-grandson, says “most people can not drive in two dimensions, much less three.”

Elon Musk, thinks that the meter is the most realistic response of an accessory transport to the one that is carried out on the surface. Because of the noise and the wind.

Source text, image and video: UrbanAero

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