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Darpa / Deka, Advanced arm prosthesis selling now


The robotic arm named “Luke”, developed by Deka for the military agency DARPA, is the most advanced arm built so far. Robotic arm is disponible selling

DARPA and the company specializes Mobius Bionics, which is in charge of marketing, has announced the launch of robotic arm prostheses.

This project began in 2008 with the design of Dean Kamen, the well-known inventor and American businessman of DEKA.

It received the go-ahead in 2014 from the FDA and it is known that the first units manufactured will be destined for war veterans by the hand of Mobius Bionics.

The Luke arm is named after the acronym Life Under Kinetic Evolution.

The robotic prosthesis is capable of performing several movements simultaneously, including movements of the wrist and the five fingers.

It has more possibilities and autonomy than any other current prosthesis. It provides amputees with capabilities that were previously impossible.

The initial versions were limited to amputations below the elbow.

And now the arm can be adjusted depending on the amount of arm that should replace reaching the shoulder.

It works with batteries that provide power to motors and mechanisms.

They also operate the small computer that it incorporates.

The computer detects the electrical signals that occur in the muscles closest to the amputated limb and converts them into movements of the artificial arm.

The robotic prosthesis also exerts pressure through sensors placed on the feet.

Luke’s program has cost $ 100 million.

For now, the availability and price of the prosthesis is unknown. More selling dates are not disponible

But Dean Kamen, founder of the Deka company, said the price could be around $ 100,000.

War veterans who suffered amputations would be the first beneficiaries of these devices.

Around 16,000 American soldiers lost limbs in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Source text: Derpa Deka

Source video: biodesignsvideos


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