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After putting an end to the Glass Explorer program two years ago, Google has announced that it is working on Glass Entrerprise Edition with different partner companies.

A few weeks ago Google surprised google glass users by announcing a new firmware update of their glasses after 3 years.

In the past Google Glass has assisted doctors during surgeries, has helped aviation mechanics by providing information while repairing an aircraft, thus keeping their hands free while they obtained any kind of valuable information related to the work they were doing. Which translates into greater productivity.

Similar to the original concept, the new Google Glass are now more resistant to impact and shock.


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They have QR code reader, OCR and bar reader.

It has an enlarged lens and larger diameter, which gives it greater resolution.

They incorporate a high-end Intel processor that improves Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

They allow the realization of photographs and videos.

The glasses have been implemented with a led that turns red when videos and photographs are taken. Mainly for the prohibition of uses that had the glasses in public places in several states of the USA since they intimidated to the people by their capacity to realize videos and to take photos of invisible form.

For this reason and for being the first high model also of price and with few benefits Google decided to cancel the premiere in stores at the beginning of 2015.

Google Glass is focused on companies

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition is designed for work environments such as medical consultations, logistics, accounting, private transport agencies, etc.

Its purpose is to help employees in their daily tasks by facilitating the work. Example of airlines with extensive manuals for the employees who assemble the aircraft should follow, and how with the AR glasses do not need to consult it, but have it integrated into the device.

And the same with patient histories, accounting entries, etc.

Consult real-time histories, a use of Glass Enterprise in Medicine.

With a set of programs developed for this purpose that allow to transmit audio and video towards glasses, notifications or messages.

The glasses are available in Spain through Streye.

There are two versions. A more complete business-oriented and with a guarantee of updating licenses for life and another version of Glass Enterprise for the general public but limited by 1,500 euros with which you can upload or watch videos on YouTube and Facebook and upload content to the Streye cloud.

Google Glass Enterprise features

32GB storage
Photos 5 MP, support HDPI
Video 720p
Battery 780 mAh
Intel Atom processor
WiFi connectivity 2.4 / 5 GHz 802.1x, Bluetooth (BLE and multiple devices)
Sensors Barometer, Magnetometer, wink sensor, open / close eyes, etc.

Source video, text and image: Google Glass

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