Kalashnikov combat robot with AI that chooses who and when shoot


With AI combat robot, choose who and when to shoot. Accumulate experience

Kalashnikov presented his new range of combat robots after a recent visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Russian factory.

They are devices that, according to the company, work with artificial intelligence, without a human hand being necessary to put them in battle.

These new robots operate autonomously, choosing targets for themselves, making decisions about when to shoot, which gain experience in combat and are able to fine tune their operating mechanism and decision making as they acquire seniority.

They have incorporated heavy Kalashnikov PK machine guns, also made in the house. Also according to the company, the production of autonomous combat drones is a strategic bet.


 Resultado de imagen de kalashnikov robot de combate

The Kalashnikov brand is firmly rooted in the Russian collective imagination. In 2013, former Russian President Dimitry Medvedev referred to Kalashnikov as “the brand that every Russian feels proud of.”

It has managed to reinvent itself as a company focused on the production of weapons for military use instead of targeting civilian markets such as the United States.

Like any successful business model, Kalashnikov is betting on a strategy of strong commitment to R + D + I (research, development and innovation) with the development of new robotic products.

On the other hand, the production of arms destined to the civil sale market, which is the segment in which they foreseen a greater growth with the sale of modern versions of the AK-47 and the Saiga (the hunting version).

Source text, image and video: CNNMoney


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