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JRA Robot Station company / Future Robots Guides in Japan


Japan Railways, the leading railway company in Japan, has developed a project to distribute the different robot stations giving information service to passengers.

The firm JR East has been responsible for carrying out the project.
This company has developed the JRA Robotics Station robots, which are at a quite advanced stage.

Its main function is to help passengers and especially tourists to move around these stations.

The JRA robots will integrate software that gives them the ability to understand several languages.

It is intended that the robots present advances in AI, containing gps and in turn present a space to transport suitcases.

The JRA company is also betting that its robot guides are present in hotels and shopping centers, helping to inform users that they do not find a particular store or they need help with luggage in a hotel.

One thinks that in a not very long term Japan Railways will supply the robots by its railway installations.

Interview with the president of Japan Railways East Tetsuro Tomita in Japan in May 2016.

Tetsuro Tomita:

“In addition, technological innovation is important for the Group’s growth and employee motivation, railways still have a wide margin for technological innovation, and I want to realize this potential.”

“In addition, I think we can use robots to clean railway stations and provide customers with guidance information, in particular, robots are an effective way to compensate for labor shortages and increase productivity.”

In the year 2020 will be the Olympic Games in Tokyo, so surely these facilities will already be with the informative robots working at full capacity.

This is not new for Japan, we have seen in the previous months tests carried out with a view to the Games, in airports as robots carried out luggage transport functions.

Source image and text: JRA Station

Source video: fugafuga


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