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Allo, the google messaging application with artificial intelligence can be found in the app store in Spanish.

Allo is an intelligent application that allows us to interact with the machine through our most natural language in us. “The voice”.

With the virtual assistant inside each chat without having to leave it we can do several actions. We can order food online, we can watch a YouTube video, search for information.



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Accessing Allo’s yellow button, we enter this recent Google messaging application that has artificial intelligence.

Free for Android and IOS and not only found in English. Now we also find it available in Spanish.

To start using the app you only need to add a mobile number and a name.

We can communicate with Allo by voice and text. Allo in turn answers us for now only in text.

Already within the application at the moment we see how the new virtual assistant engages with us a conversation.

As in WhatsApp, the information is encrypted from end to end. So the information is not reflected in any server.

The virtual assistant integrates artificial intelligence.

Among the many possibilities offered by the bot we find:
Weather information
News displays
Sports results.
Answers to our questions.

Within the application we find the search engines of google, youtube and google maps.

The assistant is improving with its use. The assistant interprets your questions and with the passage of time the answers he gives you increases in quality.

The interesting thing is artificial intelligence. The assistant with your answers and questions streamlines your connection.


What would you like to do today?
Do you have to think about this?

Allo is improving in intelligence.

One example is that each time you can better recognize the images, getting to ask questions about them.

Allo interprets your images in order to streamline searches, offer specific services.

Allo continues to move forward, but still far from his great competitor in instant messaging such as “WhatsApp”.

WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook in 2014.


Source video: Google


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