Geely / buys Terrafugia, and takes control of the flying car


Since 2020, Volvo has been part of a large Chinese company, Geely. The Asian giant that also took control of Lotus and Proton. And now it has been done with the company, buys it Terrafugia.

Terrafugia has been the driving force of one of the great dreams of the automotive industry, creating a fully functional flying car.

Terrafugia is a company founded in 2006 by engineers and students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

⦁ Terrafugia had the objective of creating a practical flying car that would allow greater freedom in traveling.

Terrafugia was working on the TF-X project. Two electric motors are incorporated into the flying car that drive directional propellers that give the vehicle the ability to take off and land vertically.

In 2009 the Terrafugia Transition buys made its first flights. A vehicle where two people could fit.

Among its features we found a car front, a propeller in the rear and retractable wings that allowed him to go from car to plane mode.

The Transition finally did not get to be commercialized.

The company Terrafugia now owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group previously accumulated a capital of 5.82 million dollars from angel investor Semyon Dukach.

Geely who is remembered for having refloated Volvo is capable if he manages well his weapons to make the project viable. And it could also be given the possibility of its introduction in the market of light aircraft.

The waiting list to process the reservations is already available upon payment of 10,000 dollars – reimbursable – although for the moment the entity has not made public the final price of this model. Various information points to around $ 279,000.

The current Transition Terrafugia has a hybrid propulsion system, with which a combustion engine is responsible for feeding the batteries that will power the two propellers thanks to which you can fly at speeds over 320 km / h, for about 800 km away without refueling.

The company guarantees that the learning of the driving of this flying car will be much easier than if it were a common plane.
In addition, it indicates that it will have a safety equipment adapted to the conditions of circulation by air and that it can be piloted automatically or manually and it will have parachutes for situations of risk or emergency.

In theory, the TF-X will receive a classification of light sport aircraft, so, a priori, it requires a pilot license to be able to master it.

If all goes well and with Geely’s investment, Terrafugia will produce its aircars in 2027.


Resultado de imagen de terrafugia coche volador
Source video and image: Terrafugia Inc

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