Bixby, the virtual assistant of Samsung


Bixby is a new artificial intelligence assistant that Samsung has implemented in its latest Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy S8 +.

It gives them the opportunity to use their Samsung device in a totally new way.

The phone will come with a side button with direct access to Bixby, so you can use a text, a touch, or even the voice to tell Bixby what you need.

Also opening the camera, he will search for you. The camera is capable of doing tasks that you would normally do on your phone.

Bixby will be constantly learning so that the experience is always the best.

Resultado de imagen de bixby el asistente virtual de samsung

Bixby speaks, looks, recommends and remembers.

Example, it will accept commands like: “Set the screen brightness to 50 percent”, or “Show photos I took in San Francisco”.

Samsung compares the voice commands with the tactile actions, so that it is possible that what we do manually and through the voice we can do with Bixby.

Bixby controls the camera on various topics: shopping, places, texts, wines, images and QR codes.

⦁ Shopping: Do you want to find the sofa you were looking for, but you could not buy? Open the camera and discover where to buy it.
⦁ Places: You can focus the camera towards a reference point and get information about the place and where you can go to dinner.
⦁ Texts: With the camera you can help you capture the words of a document as well as get a translation at the moment.
⦁ Images: You can find images online, similar to any image you have.
⦁ QR Code: The camera scans QR codes.


Resultado de imagen de bixby el asistente virtual de samsung

You will have the facility to check and personalize the information and the shortcuts that you will need.

Bixby can remind you of what you need. Example: Put the dog’s food, or send an important email when you arrive at the office.

The more you use these functions you will get better results.

Bixby is a feature that resembles that offered by Google Assistant, which recognizes the environment where the query is made and offers answers in that context, whether in a text message, a chat, a reservation of a restaurant or a query for Take a trip, for example.

Bixby is the result of the purchase that Samsung made last year to stay with Viv, a firm that counts Dag Kittlaus and Adam Chever, known for being the creators of Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant.
Bixby has support for third-party applications, not counting Samsung’s own applications.

Samsung works excellently with:
⦁ WhatsApp.
⦁ Facebook.
⦁ YouTube.
⦁ Instagram.
⦁ Gmail
⦁ Twitter.
⦁ Tumblr
⦁ Uber.
⦁ Pandora.
⦁ Yelp.
⦁ Google Play Store.
⦁ Google Play Music.
⦁ Google Maps.

Apart Bixby also works with applications like Uber.
With Bixby you can get a Uber car just by asking for it.
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