Audi / “Audi AI” will allow use the time you spend in the car…


Audi / “Audi AI” will allow you to use the time you spend in the car in a different way.

“Audi AI” will alleviate the stress of drivers and offer new possibilities to use the time spent in the car.
“Audi AI” uses strategies and technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Through the AI ​​the future models will be intelligent and empathetic, and will be able to interact continuously with their surroundings and with the occupants of the vehicle.

The “AI” in Audi

The huge amounts of data from the various assistance systems can be processed much faster and can be used and compared almost in real time with data from other users.

The car of the future will have the possibility of making forecasts by analyzing millions of data continuously.

The Audi AI traffic jam pilot of the new Audi A8 is a current example of vehicle intelligence.

A complete series of sensors explores the environment and the data is processed in the central control unit for the assistance systems (zFAS).

Said control unit continuously provides a map of the environment, and is supported by means of a second data fusion in the radar control unit.

The new Audi A8 is the first production vehicle in the world that meets the technical requirements that allow, if required, a highly automated driving, which is already level 3, in certain traffic situations.

The interaction will increase.

The intelligence of interaction will increase. The car will have empathy towards its occupants.

Intelligent systems and technologies anticipate the wishes of the driver or passengers in a way appropriate to the situation.

The car will become a kind of personal assistant. You will learn more about the occupants day by day.

The cars will be able to move by itself. Not only will they park, they will also be able to access different services, such as washing the car, picking up packages, refueling at the gas station …

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The Artificial Intelligence will be able to prevent that the dangerous situations that are cause of accidents do not come to take place.

Piloted driving vehicles will react appropriately in highly complex situations, equal to or better than a human driver would.

For Audi, the objective is to reduce the need for the driver to interact with the steering wheel and pedals. It is an approach to autonomous driving and the reduction of the presence of the human factor in driving.

Cars already have systems such as active lane maintenance assistance, adaptive cruise control or predictive efficiency assistance.

The Audi A8 already has autonomous driving level 3. This system is called traffic jam pilot.

Traffic Jam Assist

The connected vehicles are programmed to drive in the most efficient way, so fuel consumption will be reduced. Being able thus to know the real situation of the traffic taking the most optimal route.

The vehicle gets to know its occupants, and the application “Audi Fit Driver” can recognize the health status of the driver.

Audi has prepared an intelligent personal assistant (PIA) that can interact with the driver independently and adaptively.

Artificial intelligence claims that it is the vehicle itself that learns the existence and form of human bodies, animals and objects.

The large number of sensors and cameras in the new Audi A8 analyzes the terrain through which it passes and the data is studied by a central unit, called zFAS, which creates a map of the environment, which is checked by a second control unit by radar that checks that the map of the first analysis center and yours coincide.

Audi aims to be a kind of personal assistant that will select your favorite music, the intensity of the lighting or the speed at which the vehicle circulates.

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