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Amazon continues to accelerate the process of sending packages through robots “drivers” Amazon Robotics.

These robots with a weight of 150 kilograms are strong and very efficient and can transport up to 1300 kilograms.

Its function is the transport of shelves. The robots can move up to a speed of 1.7 meters per second making the most efficient routes


Resultado de imagen de robots driver de amazon

The employees select products that are on shelves and the robots are responsible for taking the employee with the product.

The robots act as a driver: they lift the shelf and move it. Each shelf carries a QR code.

The robots can help each other in case of little battery, thus helping each other recharge.

They can warn if something has fallen to the employees to pick it up.

This saves time in carrying out orders, as well as storage space.

Spain is the third country that receives these robots after the United Kingdom and Poland.

In the USA they can be found in approximately 20 centers.

In Spain now in the logistics center of Castellbisbal in Barcelona we can find the robots of Amazon Robotics.

And from October 2017 we can find it in the Logistic Center of El Prat.

Fred Pattje, Amazon’s operations director in Spain and Italy, says it’s a technology created primarily to save space.

In this way Amazon removes what were formerly the corridors by placing shelves all over the field and moving the “drivers” according to the orders.

Amazon has managed to save 50% of usable space with this methodology.

Fred Pattje “Robots combine the immediacy of Amazon with the strength of our processes and help us deliver faster to customers.”

Resultado de imagen de robots driver de amazon



Jeff Bezos talks about Artificial Intelligence “Incredible Renaissance”.

Jeff Bezos says that Artificial Intelligence is in a great moment.

He comments that the AI ​​lives an “incredible rebirth”.

Already in the Internet Association said that Artificial Intelligence “is living a golden age.”

Machine learning and computer vision are being adopted by Amazon.

According to CNBC, artificial intelligence is at its best, being able to solve problems that seemed unthinkable a few years ago.

From machine learning Jeff Bezos speaks:

“I would say that a lot of the value we are getting from machine learning is happening more or less below the surface. These are things like improved search results, product recommendations for improved customers, improved inventory management forecasts and literally hundreds of other things that are not visible to the naked eye. ”

According to a letter to the shareholders of the company, Bezos, sees the fundamental machine learning in Amazon.

Machine learning has to do with the ability of computers to learn by simulating learning similar to the human brain.

Amazon applies automatic learning in autonomous drones for deliveries, the Amazon Go service and Alexa that incorporates IA from the cloud.

Jeff Bezos:
“Machine learning drives our algorithms for forecasting product demand, ranking for product searches and recommendations. It is also used for the detection of fraud, translations, etc. Although less visible, much of the impact of machine learning will fall into this category; that is, silently improving key operations.

Source image, text and video: NOVA PBS Official

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