Vespa Elettrica / Range of 100 km through a battery charge of 4 hours


The Vespa Elettrica motorcycle was presented by Piaggio at the EICMA Motor Show in Milan at the beginning of the month, the electric motorcycle has very appreciated benefits such as a 100 kilometers autonomy through a 4 hours battery charge.

Vespa Elettrica will arrive in 2018, it is a great machine that will have an engine of 2Kw of power, exerting a force similar to that of a moped of 50 cubic centimeters.

Its nominal power is 2 kW (2.7 HP), but it can develop acceleration peaks of up to 4 kW (5.4 CV).

The lithium-ion battery of the motorcycle is plugged into the power and fully recharged in a period of four hours.

The battery has a lifetime of 1000 full recharges in optimum condition, then a substantial loss is expected that would be around 20% of its capacity, which translates into a useful life of approximately 60,000 kilometers.

Vespa Elettrica, also recharges through the braking energy regeneration system (KERS system) that is very common in electric models.

The motorcycle has an Eco driving mode that limits its speed to 30 Km / h.

Vespa Elettrica has a small screen installed on the handlebar of the bike (4.3 inches) and has the ability to connect to the phone via Bluetooth).

The motorcycle can be synchronized with the mobile phone either to see general aspects of the motorcycle or to have information at hand through the control screen of the Vespa. Even through our mobile we could see where the motorcycle would be.

It is expected that it will be registered as a moped in most European countries due to the type of trips and speeds to which it will be subjected.

The company will also bring to market at the same time a hybrid model, “Vespa Elettrica X” that would be twice as powerful and can reach a range of up to 200 km.

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