Somnox / Robotic Pillow, that helps you sleeping better


Somnox is a company that aims to improve people sleeping better. Specializing in sleep research, the company offers robotic solutions that improve the well-being of users sleeping better.

The Somnox team is made up of engineers, researchers, marketing professionals and experienced entrepreneurs passionate about the dream and technology.

“Our goal is to be pioneers in the future of the dream”, (Somnex).

They analyze medical research and studies on the effects of breathing, the connection between audio and affect in insomnia related to stress.

After two years of intense work, Somnex present in Kickstarter’s crowfunding platform the first robotic pillow that helps to get to sleep reducing stress and fighting imsonio.

The use of Somnox is easy, the user embraces the robotic pad and the sleep robot will use a variety of effective non-invasive features (regulation of breathing, audio and calming affection) to stimulate the senses.

Inside this robot are all the mechanical part that makes its operation possible, a loudspeaker that generates relaxing sounds for the user such as heart beats at rest or meditation for the subconscious to adapt to a situation of relaxation. You can also use sounds that you have on your smartphone and that seem relaxing to you.

Somnox uses breathing as one of its main characteristics, but not with the intention of fighting apnea.

Somnox has also been tried with people who slept with a partner and here we obtained positive results as well.

Somnox will be available in one size, although in the future it will be available in different sizes as well.

The sleeve of Somnox can be washed easily, the sleeping robot can be taken out to be washed in the washing machine at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

Source video, image and text: Kickstarter


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