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Effie / robot that irons up to 12 garments at a time


The Effie ironing robot will put an end to the wrinkles of our favorite garments. The irons robot will arrive in March 2018 and it will be a revolution.

The Effie Robot is capable of ironing up to 12 garments at a time. The space that Effie occupies is ideal, since it can be stored in a corner or leaning against the wall without anyone noticing.

Inside this ironing machine there are a total of 12 hangers, which we can use all or those that we need.

We put the clothes that we want to iron on the hangers and place them as if we were hanging them: Skirts, dresses, shirts and all those elements that are composed of one piece.

Next, we fill the main receptacle with distilled water. We close Effie and select the power and the type of fabric. (Of course, we must take into account the composition of our clothes and the heat).

Effie has a mechanical arm inside that goes up and down in one go. You just have to apply the necessary steam to eliminate wrinkles that may have the garment.

When finished we will be notified so we can remove our clothes. You can also bring a little perfume to the clothes, since it has a function to perfume ironing.

Effie, is a robot capable of drying and ironing even the wettest clothes in a space of only six minutes.

Without being too big (80 x 25 x 128 centimeters) and with wheels to transport it, Effie encloses twelve hangers in which the user must hang the clothes, as he would in any closet.

The big difference between Effie and any other ironing center is that it can be used immediately after finishing the washing machine, without the need for its contents to pass through the dryer beforehand or to dry in any other way.

The designers are two young, 27-year-old London entrepreneurs, Rohan Kamdar and Trevor Kerth, who realized how much time their mothers spent ironing. With this machine we will have excellent results being 95% faster than a human hand.

Its price is 700 pounds (about 780 euros) and orders are already accepted on the company’s website.

Source text, image and video: Effie


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